Brotherly Love – Valor and Asher

The brotherly love you could see between Valor and Asher were so apparent during our session together. Brothers are so special to have in your life. Having a brother made photographing these boys something extra meaningful to me. I remember days growing up on one of Northern Michigan’s many lakes. My brother always being there for me when I needed him. Whether I was hurt, sad, angry, or being picked on by someone he was always there. Traverse City would have been a more boring place without my brother. These two had a connection that was unscripted. Asher took care of Valor during our whole studio session. Asher was patient with him and listened so well. I loved having these brothers in my studio. It may have been only a mini studio session we got images to last for generations. They family will see the love and connection these brother had even at such a young age. Love between family is a beautiful thing. That is one aspect of photography that I adore. I love that you can look back at these images and remember what it was like growing up together in Northern Michigan. You can almost image the mischief and fun times their future has for them. They even brought in their sweet pup Lily. Being a hunting dog she had a hard time sitting but Asher was so calm and sweet with her. It was definitely worth it to get these beautiful pictures of him and his dog. I know these boys will go amazing places in their lives. If you have a sibling who takes care of you please comment below with a funny story about them. I love hearing more about brothers and sisters and how you have grown together.

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