Bella’s Magical Dreams I Interlochen Art Studio Portraits

Bella’s magical dreams come to life through my lens. She is my dream of dreams. I am blessed to be her Momma. In Traverse City the winter months are long and sometimes lonely. When I decided to open my studio in the small city of Interlochen (which is an outskirt of Traverse City), I was unsure the amount that I would be using it. I am so thrilled that I have it now as it has become something that my clients love and I truly love as well. They provide a new look for my portraits.

My dreams came true the night they made me a Mom. The best thing I can do is try my best to help them make their dreams come true. Like star dust glistening on fairies wings, little girls dreams are made of magical things.

Taking an image and freezing a moment reveals how rich reality truly is.

I love watching my children’s faces surprised every time they see their studio portraits. Studio art is starting to become one of my favorite fine art portraitures. They are timeless and beautiful. I love that as a portrait photographer I can create magical worlds to capture my children’s lives and truly love that I can help their dreams come true.

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