Ainslee – Joan of Arc – Women Empowerment Series

Women empowerment is important to me to teach my daughters. Ainslee plays Joan of Arc in the first character of this series. Girls need strong female role model’s to look up to in this crazy world. I chose to have custom dresses made from Fox and Heron for each selected important women of history. I will then put an image with the biography of each character in a book for them to read. They are also able to learn about each character as we go. My girls have been so excited to learn of each person and see what an influence they had on history. Ainslee first plays Joan of Arc and spent the afternoon in my studio. What had a lot of laughs as she took the character to heart and learned all about her bravery and heroism. I loved watching my daughter glow with enthusiasm to learn all about her. The beneficial act for them to remember as they get older and learn more about this crazy world. Remembering the hero’s of the past will help them to remember that they are hero’s too in their own way. A goal of mine in doing a photoshoot like this is that they grow into strong independent women who are well educated and can make healthy decisions with their lives. Learning all about these amazing historical women is a great place to start. Who is your favorite historical character? What does she mean to you? Has she helped shape your life? Comment below with some information regarding your favorite character. Share this post with others who might enjoy these series.

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